Q?Why do people join Tall Clubs? What’s it all about?

Tall Clubs are about camaraderie. Tall Clubs are about friendships. Tall Clubs are about one commonality amongst all members - height.

Height is what separates all Tall Club members from the rest of our society. Certain things are done and said every day to tall people that are unique to them. How often does a 5'10" or 6'0" man get called 'shorty' in his life? How many times does the average person get asked "How's the weather up there?" . . . ? How often does the average person have to shop at certain stores only because most of the other stores do not carry clothing or products that will accommodate their height?

These are just a few of the every day burdens people of taller than average height must bear daily. We all are individuals, tall and short persons alike. Each person handles their own shortcomings or exceptional talents in their own ways. Many tall club members gravitate to the Club because of the fact they can share these daily burdens with other Club members and can discuss them with an "understanding ear."

Many Tall Club members handle their height and the burdens just fine. They may belong to a Tall Club simply because they can. Simply because they enjoy the friendships and company of the other members. Each and every member has their own reasons for belonging. Some may have needs, others simply choose. Their mere membership in a Tall Club does not mean they need a Tall Club to cope with their height or other issues. They may simply choose to be involved just because they enjoy it and have fun.
Whatever the reason, Tall Clubs are a great way to socialize and learn from other like-minded people. They are a great way to meet others, perhaps for the purposes of dating; perhaps, for the purpose of learning; perhaps, for the purpose of just having fun!

Q?How tall do I have to be to join?

You must be a minimum of 6'2" if you're a man and 5'10" if you're a woman. You must also be at least 21 years old to be a general member. Local clubs may have additional membership requirements, contact the club directly.

Only the first original Tall Club formed by the TCI Founder, The California TipToppers, still maintain slightly stricter standards requiring 6′ for women and 6’4″ for men.

Q?Are all Tall Clubs the same?

All Tall Clubs are not exactly the same in policies, behaviors or activities but all are related in minimum height requirements and membership in TCI.

Tall Clubs often have house parties in member's homes. Tall Clubs often have organized affairs in public places, such as Tall Club Weekends, or banquets at Hotels or public meeting rooms. Tall Clubs will often participate in local charity drives such as walk-a-thons, or 10K runs, or bedraces etc. Many Tall Clubs have regular happy hour get-togethers at a local restaurant/bar every first Friday of the month. They may have bicycle rides or boating excursions or rafting events. There is always something happening!

Tall Club members participate in Tall Club functions for their own reasons in their own fashion and with their own frequency. Clubs put no burden on their members to "show up" and or "participate" at any pace other than their own. The general atmosphere is relaxed and "at your own pace." Check out your local Tall Club; we think you'll be mighty glad you did!

Q?What is Tall Clubs International, and how did it get started?

TCI's stated purpose is "to promote tall awareness among tall men and women, and in the community. To provide social activities of mutual interest, travel to cities around the U.S. and Canada for gatherings including members from several TCI clubs, run a convention each year to conduct the business of the Corporation with representatives of all clubs, and select a new Miss Tall International®, the official public representative and good will ambassador for TCI."

The first tall club was founded in Los Angeles, California in May, 1938. An article in the Los Angeles Times by Kae Sumner (later Kae Sumner Einfeldt) entitled "Six Foot Three (what will it be?)", attracted nine like minded people to the first party. The group established the world's highest society, the California Tip Toppers Club, with a goal of providing a social outlet for tall people. Letters arrived from all over the U.S. and Europe following a June 24, 1940 Life Magazine article. A Ripley's "Believe it or not" panel noted that Kae was painting Snow White's short friends when she wrote the Times article. A campaign to get businesses to regularly make large sized clothing, shoes and bedding was successful. Mattress Inc. of LA put an ad in the paper: "Here it is, Tip Toppers... You Asked For It! The King Sized Mattress!" World War II intervened, but in 1947, the first Tall Club Convention was held in Los Angeles. Fourteen U.S. clubs and one Canadian Club organized as the American Affiliation of Tall Clubs in 1948. When the Affiliation incorporated in 1967, the name was changed to Tall Clubs International and the Queen's title was changed to Miss Tall Universe. Her title was changed again in 1974, to Miss Tall International ®.

Q?How many Tall Clubs are there? Are there clubs outside of the US?

Tall Clubs International(TCI) is a social organization of approximately 55 member clubs in the United States and Canada. There are approximately 3,000 members in TCI. There are also 55 non-affiliated Tall Clubs in Europe. This Euro-Organization is not directly tied to TCI and is related in spirit and in social scenarios only. Members of TCI are usually welcome at all European club functions, as are European club members in the U.S. To find out about European clubs contact one of our International Contacts.

Q?I would love to be in a Tall Club, but there are none in my area. What can I do?

Joining your local club automatically makes you a member of Tall Clubs International. However, if you don't have find a link to a local club on this website, (check our map first) you can start a club yourself, or join as a 'Member at Large."  Just contact membership if either one of these options applies to you by clicking here!

Q?What about travel? Can I do things with clubs in other cities?

When a member travels, he or she is welcomed at the social events of another club. Long distance friendships are promoted this way.  Tall Clubs often host  three or four day "weekend parties" where 75 to 300 people from 5 to 15 different clubs may meet to renew friendships and spend a day exploring a city away from home.

Q?What happens at the annual convention?

During the annual convention, Club Delegates elect an Executive Board. The President and staff coordinate and promote TCI, provide a communication channel for clubs to air ideas and interests, and promote the travels of Miss TI. Monthly reports go to all TCI member clubs. Individual clubs send their newsletters to each other as well.  The Executive Board and a sponsoring club also help new Clubs form and join TCI when they are ready.

Q?Is TCI a non for profit organization? How is it run?

Yes, TCI is a IRS-designated not-for-profit corporation! While the majority of TCI's purpose is social in nature, we are set up just like any corporation and we have elected officers. Our entire organization is run by club members on a volunteer basis. No one in our organization is paid for their efforts.

Q?What is the Executive Board, and what do the members do?

The Executive Board tends to the regular business of the Corporation and oversees all related matters. Some of their duties include filing Corporate papers in a timely manner, publishing ExecuTALLk (the TCI newsletter), and paying any bills TCI may incur along the way. They assist local Clubs in any way possible to help keep them running smoothly. It also oversees the activities of Miss Tall International and her mission to garner publicity for TCI by attending Club Weekends and other events throughout her reign.

You can meet the Executive Board members and Executive Members at the bottom of the ABOUT TCI page.

Q?Do you really have a Miss Tall Pageant every year? How is she selected?

Yes!  The Miss Tall pageant takes place during the annual TCI convention, and it is one of the most anticipated events of the year for Tall Clubs members everywhere. You can find out more about the selection process by clicking here.

Q?I have heard that TCI awards scholarships to young college bound people. Tell me more!

TCI does award scholarships to young people who are entering their first year of college. The scholarships are funded by the TCI Foundation, a separate entity. Find out more about the process here.