Tall Clubs International introduced me to a me world, where people talked about and cared about me, not my height!  I have made so many great friends from all over the place, and I finally feel comfortable in my own shoes!  Between the friendships I have made and the events I have attended, Tall Clubs really has changed my outlook on life, and I LOVE being tall now!  I am so glad I joined!
Susan Davis
Tall Club Member
At last there is a site for people of tall stature. I have grown to appreciate my height. In elementary and middle school it was not easy but now those same people who ridicule my height wish they had some of it now. I am 6 ft. 1 inch tall and have two gorgeous daughters who carry their height with style and pride. To all those tall blessed people: continue to shine and stand tall!

Sheila Jordan
Tall Club Member

I didn't set out to find a date when I joined TCI; I was just tired of being the oddball in every group of friends I had, and I thought I would widen my circle of friends.  Not only did I find a date ... I married her.  Tall Clubs has provided me with lifelong friendships and it is where I met my wife!  Who knew?

Mr. John Anderson