How to Join

Who can join TCI?

Are you a man measuring 6'2" or more in height; a woman 5'10" or more? Are you 21 years old or more? These are the only real requirements to join a TCI tall club near you! All TCI member clubs except one have these minimum requirements for membership. Only the first original Tall Club formed by the TCI Founder, The California TipToppers, still maintain slightly stricter standards requiring 6' for women and 6'4" for men.

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Why should I join?

Tall Clubs are about camaraderie. Tall Clubs are about friendships. Tall Clubs are about one commonality amongst all members - height. Height is what separates all Tall Club members from the rest of our society.

Tall Clubs are a great way to socialize and learn from other like-minded people. They are a great way to meet others, perhaps for the purposes of dating; perhaps, for the purpose of learning; perhaps, for the purpose of just having fun!

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