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Lana Jackson
Lana JacksonJuly 12th, 2014 at 5:39am
Going through my album of photos from 1993 TCI Convention in Boston brought back many great memories & lots of laughs. Donated the album, Pageant program & Tall Topics to Doris for archives.
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Sharon Spidle Speer
Sharon Spidle SpeerSeptember 17th, 2014 at 6:13am
Posting here with a question for Bill as his answer would be beneficial to us all. Could you cite law that allows organizations like ours to set parameters of who can join, in our case height. Is law national or by state? We also vote on who can or can't become a member. Is there a law to back that up?

Had someone send us the following message on meetup which I deleted and I banned him from our meetup group:
Justin Williams: "i plan to file a Civil rights law suit against your ogranization unless you change your prejudise Policys by only allowing men who are 6FT2 an over to attend these events you are a typical close minded Racist Oregonian plain an simple an i will be calling my Lawyer real soon please prepare yourself for court."

I seriously doubt he is going to do that, but just curious from a point of law what backs us.

Thanks, Bill
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Sharon Spidle Speer
Sharon Spidle SpeerSeptember 18th, 2014 at 4:32am
Heads up! If by chance you'll be in the Portland area the Weekend of December 6th, the Skyliners hope you will pencil in December 6 for our Annual Christmas party which will be held at the Airport Sheraton. The Sheraton is offering a special room rate of $79 for individuals attending events being held at the Sheraton. We will post a flyer in our October newsletter followed by posting on Facebook and Meetup. So dust off your fancy threads or get them to the dry cleaners 'cause this party will be glamorous!
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Barry Umbs
Barry UmbsSeptember 10th, 2014 at 3:55pm
Great news. The books are closed on the 2014 Convention. We had some excess proceeds, so refunds are in the mail for those that paid for more than half of the package price. Check your mailboxes and cash the check ASAP so we can close the account. Thanks for attending and making this a monumental TCI Convention.
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