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Ralph LeVitt
Ralph LeVittJuly 23, 2014 9:59 pm
How about some things nobody in here needs:
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Diane Matthisen
Diane MatthisenJuly 23, 2014 4:12 pm
Paramount received an email from Alan Taber asking about Laura Cofran. I sent him information about her. He did not know what happened to her. He contacted me back and he found an address. So if you would like to send your wishes of encouragement to her:

Laura Cofran
C/O Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Unit 7)
PO Box 6600
Charlottestown, PE
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Harry Leman
Harry LemanJuly 23, 2014 10:46 am
Need some marketing for getting together with friends? Dr. Oz has just the thing... Can we get a "prescription"?
Harry Leman
We all believe Dr. Oz, right???? I saw this on his show yesterday 7/21/2014 on KCRA TV. The top 10 ways to extend your life... This is the second best thing you can do to live longer. Listen up!!! See you at the next TGIF!
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Lori Giachino
Lori GiachinoJuly 9, 2014 8:09 pm
This is not official, but I will share my notes from the Awards Banquet in DC last Saturday night:

2014 Female TCI Lifetime Achievement Award: Sue Karon
2014 Male TCI Lifetime Achievement Award: Fred Heater

2014 TCI Merit Awards:
Linda Huege
Jeanne Smith
Sheila Koster
Debbie Kucharik
Barb Loewenthal
Kat McIntyre
Loretta Felvus
Jim Mitchell
Charles Goldstein
Kay Helberg
Kathleen McKeever
Sharon Speer

Presidential Appreciation Award: John Morath

Best Homepage: Boston Beanstalks Tall Club
Best Newsletter: Paramount Tall Club of Chicago

Membership Increase by number and by percentage: Sea 2 Sky Peaks Tall Club

Convention Attendance Award: Sacramento Tall Club
Convention Travel Award: Las Vegas Tall Club

Golf, Female: Donna Stocker
Golf, Male: John Waltman

Volleyball, Female: Donna Stocker
Volleyball, Male: John Stewart

2014 Executive Board:
President: Walter Narog
VP Membership: (to be appointed after Sept 1)
VP Publicity: Cindy Riddles
Secretary: Jeff Jennings
Editor: Megan Lukens
Miss TI Coordinator: Valerie Ahrens
Finance Officer: Barry Umbs

Treasurer: Bob Huggett
Alternate Exec Officer: Karen Brown
Alternate Treasurer: Gayle Stout
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