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2014 Miss Tall International® - Hannah Eko

Valerie Ahrens - Miss Tall International ® 2013

Hannah Eko - Miss Tall International ® 2014
from LaHabra, CA

Hannah Eko was born in London, England and grew up in southern California. She graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation in 2009 and was commissioned as a Coast Guard officer following graduation. Her first duty station was MSU Portland where she was a Marine Inspector and Command Duty Officer. During her time at this unit, Hannah was also Chair of the Human Relations Council and Partnership in Education program, volunteering at Woodlawn and King Elementary. She became a certified Victim Advocate in 2011 and continues to serve in this role today, assisting victims of sexual assault. Hannah was re-stationed to Sector New York in 2012 and is currently the Assistant Chief of the Waterways Management Division. She also chairs the Leadership and Diversity Advisory Council.Hannah currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and is pursuing a graduate degree in Community and Economic Development from Penn State. Her graduate interests include social businesses, gender equity, and building anti-racist programming into communities. She loves to write, create, travel to places old and new, read anything Junot Diaz writes, and memorize random (often useless) bits of information. She’s a huge fan of Wonder Woman and endeavors to attend a ten day silent meditation retreat in 2015.

Winning Miss Tall International® is a huge honor and Hannah seeks to use her newfound goodwill ambassador role to promote Tall Clubs International, especially amongst a younger generation. She also wishes to speak to women and girls about self-acceptance and developing a positive self-image. “I know what it feels like to think my body is wrong, to be teased, and my goal is to help more people accept who they are, despite what society may say.” When not busy with work, homework, or commuting around NYC, Hannah blogs at

She is the daughter of Yomi and Daniel Eko and the oldest of three siblings: Marylin, Jr., and Baba. Hannah has been dating her culinary gifted boyfriend Joshua for three years.

The Miss Tall International® Pageant was held in Washington D.C.


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