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TCI Founder — Katherine Ruth (Kae) Sumner Einfeldt

The founder and inspiration of Tall Clubs International was a woman named Kae Sumner Einfeldt; she was active in the organization from it’s inception until her passing in 1996, and was a popular figure at tall club events and conventions.

Kae was born May 19, 1916 in Oakland, California, the only child of Roy Calvin Sumner and Ada (Frasier) Sumner. The family moved frequently, living in Riverside, Pasadena and San Diego. Later she took a job at the Walt Disney Studio as an artist in the ink-and-paint, and special effects departments. During that time she worked on the famous animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” an interesting irony for a woman of six-foot-three!  In all, she worked at six Hollywood studios including the studio that produced Popeye.  During WWII she went to work with the U.S. War Department.

TCI was started when Kae approached the Los Angeles Times with an idea for an article about life as a tall woman, which she wrote under the pen name Kae Krysler.  As an after thought, she added a note asking other tall people to contact her, suggesting they get together to discuss the woes and joys of being tall. Eight people responded, and later formed the what was to be known as “the Longfellows Club” and was later changed to the California Tip Toppers Club. This club is still in existence. (Read Kaye’s original article here.)

Kae met George W. Einfeldt, a member of the California Tip Toppers, and they married in 1948, later adopting a daughter, Sheri-Lynn. George passed away in 1968. Kae is also survived by a grandaughter, Brandi.

Kae passed away sometime during the night of September 27, 1996, at the Pacific Coast Manor nursing home in Capitola, California.

As a direct result of Kae’s efforts, there are now nearly 50  member clubs in what is now called Tall Clubs International, in both the U.S. and Canada. All these clubs owe a debt of gratitude to Kae.

She is greatly missed by all.    

• Read Kae’s original Los Angeles Times article

View a 1988 interview with Kae

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