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There are many chapters of Tall Clubs international around the USA and Canada.  
You can become a member of an existing Tall Club!  If interested, please use this link to fill out our “Membership Contact Form”.

However, if you live beyond a 50-mile radius of a local TCI Member club, you can still join in the fun and camaraderie!  Complete a “Member at Large” application.  

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bob Huggett, TCI President                                  
Mary Elemen, TCI Membership VP

Your TALL FUN is just beginning

If you fill out the Contact Form on this website. It will go directly to our TCI Vice President/Membership.  Depending on the circumstances, the TCI Vice President/Membership will either put you in touch with your nearest TCI affiliate Tall Club, work with you to become a TCI Member-at-Large or offer help with getting a new TCI Tall Club started in your town.

There are actually three ways to become card-carrying members of Tall Clubs International™

1. Join an existing TCI affiliate club.
There are currently dozens of Tall Clubs in the U.S. and Canada affiliated with Tall Clubs International. Many have been around for decades, and some are even charter members of TCI, which started way back in 1938. Some of the clubs are large and thriving, while others have experienced reductions in membership counts due to normal fluctuations in involvement that occur within any volunteer organization that’s been around for a while. If your nearest club is one that needs a boost, please express your desire to help get them going strong again. TCI needs every (TALL) one, and you should fit right in!  Click here for information on current TCI affiliate Tall Clubs: List of TCI Tall Clubs

2. Start a brand new Tall Club in your home town.
If you happen to live in an area that is not currently served by an existing Tall Club, you might be able to find a few other TALL people who would be interested in helping you start an all-new Tall Club. It only takes 15 people for a startup club to apply for membership in TCI.

​3. No club within 50 miles of home? You might qualify to become a TCI Member-at-Large.
You can live just about anywhere and start out as a TCI Member-at-Large. The catch is that because there is no way to verify your height qualification (minimum 5’10” for women, 6’2” for men), we have to trust you when you tell us you are tall enough—until you make your first in-person appearance at a TCI event. That’s when your height will be measured, and your membership certified by either a TCI Executive Board member or an officer of the club hosting the event. Should someone be found insufficiently endowed with height at this time, it would be very disappointing, and maybe a bit embarrassing, so those applying for MAL status need to be sure they’ll measure up before sending their non-refundable dues. The good news is that once a member of any type has had their qualifying height verified and officially recorded, they never have to worry about shrinking out of the organization. Even if they allow their membership to lapse for some reason, and want to come back but fear they’ve lost a critical inch or two, they will be welcomed back based on their originally verified height.

TCI requires all members to be at least 21 years of age, and meet the minimum height requirements of 5’10” for women, and 6’2” for men. Certain affiliate clubs may have requirements other than those for TCI.

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