Miss Tall International® 2021 Donna Stocker

Tall Clubs International™ (TCI) is pleased to announce that Donna Stocker has been selected as Miss Tall International®2021. Miss Tall International® is the official public representative and goodwill ambassador for TCI. A new Miss Tall International® is crowned each year at the tall club convention in July.

Donna is a 6’1” blonde beauty who hails from southern British Columbia, Canada. Donna credits her early start as a model and modelling teacher, for her successful transition to a career in makeup, first in fashion, and then for television and film. Donna has honed her craft for the last twenty-seven years, teaching makeup at a top makeup college in Vancouver, and working on many successful projects including The Chronicles of Riddick, Saved, UnReal, and The Magicians.

Donna loves sports, including golf, volleyball, and badminton, and is very competitive. She is very upbeat and positive and is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She was a very popular choice as Miss Tall International. She credits her love of life and her joy to being a cancer survivor: “I’ve had a very interesting life and I always look forward to what the future can bring. My mandate as Miss Tall International® 2021 is to spread the joy of being tall –to celebrate it, to encourage others to stand tall and proud, and to always live your joy “!

Donna joined TCI in 2012 and has been very active in Tall Clubs International, and in her local club – the Sea 2 Sky Peaks Club in Vancouver. She was first runner up in the Miss Tall International® Pageant in 2013, was co-director of the pageant in 2015 and was selected as Miss Congeniality in the 2019 pageant.

TCI is a not-for-profit social organization for tall adults twenty-one years and older. Founded in 1938, its purpose is to promote tall awareness among tall men and women, and in the community. It has nearly forty clubs across the U.S. and Canada, and is affiliated with similar organizations in Europe and Australia. In addition to providing social events for tall people, TCI and its Foundation work to advocate for tall consumers, provide yearly scholarships for tall teens, and raise funds for the National Marfan Foundation.

Watch Donna and the Portland Skyliners in the Rose Festival Starlight Parade!
On FOX Channel 12 
And a different angle on KGW Channel 8 

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