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Take a minute to study the List of All TCI Member Tall Clubs to see if there is already a Tall Club in your area.  If you find one, you can contact them directly to learn about their club and local events.  If there is no existing club in your area you may be eligible to join as a TCI Member-at-Large.  Better yet, let us know if you are interested in starting a brand new Tall Club in your town.

• Remember, women must be at least 5’10” and men at least 6’2″ TALL—​barefoot—in order to join TCI. 
• All members must also be at least 21 years of age.

Once you choose a member club, the contact for that club will be notified via email.  In addition, TCI Membership VP – Mary Elemen will be notified.  TCI and your local club will reach out to you directly with applicable information about that Member Club. 

To get started – please fill out the following form and press Submit!


Example: (999)999-9999
Example: 25 years old
Example: I am an avid reader who likes romance novels. When not reading - I like to dance etc. etc.


Thank you for your interest in Tall Clubs International!

Mary Elemen – Membership Vice President

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