This is where belonging to a Tall Club gets good.  When you join a TCI affiliate Tall Club, you are automatically a member of Tall Clubs International, and therefore invited to attend various “TCI Weekends” throughout the year, and in many parts of the continent.  Check these upcoming events, and sign yourself up for TALL fun!

CONVENTION 2024 – Tall’phins – Dunedin, FL

Join your tall friends this July 2nd through July 7th in Dunedin Florida.

Your full package price includes:

  • Sunset Cruise with boxed dinner
  • 4th of July baseball game, dinner and fireworks
  • Two group dinners with dancing to a live band
  • Area wide bus pass for 3 days

Additional information and details will be shared primarily here and on our Facebook group page. For registration and more information, download our registration PDF.


Sacramento Tall Club
Weekend Event

May Daze MAP Merriment
May 17-19, 2024


Sunset Beach Tall Club Reunion
Day Event
Sunset Beach, California
August 3, 2024
Sacramento Tall Club
Weekend Event

Virginia City and Reno, Nevada
​September 6–8, 2024


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