Other Tall Clubs

There are lots of other Tall Clubs on our little planet! 

Tall Clubs International member clubs span the USA and Canada, but there are numerous Tall Clubs in other parts of the world which are not directly affiliated with TCI, but share a common bond due to our mutual similarities and goals.

Our organizations are not directly linked in any official capacity , but it is not unusual to find members of each organization attending the other organization’s functions. All Tall Club Members are welcome, both locally and abroad. The European Tall Club Convention is a great way to see the world with TALL friends!

These listings are maintained and updated by our TCI Foreign Correspondent, .

If you have corrections to these listings or any other matter concerning this section, please contact Megan Lukens at pdxmegan@yahoo.com.

Last updated July 2015

Altitudes, France
Altitudes is the French Tall People Association    Submitted by: Philleppe Gallois – Email:  altitudes_99@yahoo.fr

De Højes Klub
Denmark Tall Club of Denmark   Submitted by: Henning Lajer – Email:  hlajer@post4.tele.dk

De Høyes Klubb
Norway Club for Tall People   Submitted by: Lars Erik Kristiansen – Email:  styret@dehoyesklubb.no

Grouss Leit am Klenge Letzeberg
Tall Club of Luxembourg    Submitted by: Edith Roll – Email:  georges3@pt.lu

Kerala Tall Men Association India
Tall Men’s Association  –  Indian State of Kerala  Submitted by: Gigu Thomas – Email:  Gigu_thomas@avtspice.com

King Size Tall Club of Sweden Submitted by: Lars-Gunnar Larsson – Email:  king_size_club@sverige.nu

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Berlin
KLM Germany – Berlin Club    Submitted by: Martin Sproede – Email:  leitung@klm-berlin.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Dortmund
German Tall Club of Dortmund    Submitted by: Christina Alberts – Email:  leitung@klm-berlin.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Düsseldorf
German Tall Club of Dusseldorf    Submitted by: Susanne Wind – Email:  kontact@klm-duesseldorf.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Essen
German Tall Club of Essen    Submitted by: Hildegard Vogt – Email:  klm-essen-h.schwitzer@gmx.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Frankfurt Main
Tall Club of Frankfurt on the Main    Submitted by: Klaus Fay – Email:  bezirksleitung@klm-frankfurt.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Hamburg
German Tall Club of Hamburg    Submitted by: Ralf Fritsche – Email:  webmasterhh@klm-hamburg.com

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Hannover
German Tall Club for Hannover, Braunschweig and Bremen area    Submitted by: Doris Sickau – Email:  leitung@klm-hannover.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Karlsruhe
German Tall Club of Karlsruhe    Submitted by: Angelika Moritz – Email:  angelika.moritz@web.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Kassel
German Tall Club of Kassel    Submitted by: Winfried Bamberger – Email:  xxl.schwidi@t-online.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Kiel
German Tall Club of Kiel    Submitted by: Doris Teegen – Email:  klm.kiel@web.de

KLM Deutschland, Cologne
Köln German Tall Club in Cologne    Submitted by: Alois Steines – Email:  alois.steines@klm-koeln.de

KLM Deutschland, Mainz and Wiesbaden
German Tall Club of Mainz & Wiesbaden   Submitted by: Petra Weitzel – Email:  PetraWeitzel@klm-mainz.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Mannheim
German Tall Club of Mannheim & Ludwigshafen  Submitted by: Hans Herrmann – Email:  herrmannhanstheo@aol.com

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk München
German Tall Club of Munich    Submitted by: Olaf Goeltl – Email:  klm-muenchen@t-online.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Münster
German Tall Club of Munster    Submitted by: Beate Brannekämper – Email:  kontakt@klm-ms.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Nürnberg
Tall Club of Nürnberg    Submitted by: Henk Enderink – Email:  bezirksleitung@klm-nuernberg.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Osnabrück
Tall Club in Osnabrück    Submitted by: Jens Hauber – Email:  jens@klm.osnabrueck.de

KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Stuttgart German
Tall Club of Stuttgart    Submitted by: Ilona Mohn – Email:  info@klm-stuttgart.de

Klub der Grossen, Deutschland, Dresden
German (former East) Tall Club of Dresden    Submitted by: – Email:  info@klub-der-grossen.de

Klub der Grossen, Deutschland, Chemnitz
German Tall Club of Chemnitz    Submitted by: Kornelia Weihbrecht – Email:  katerch1304@aol.com

Klub der Grossen, Deutschland, Leipzig
German Tall Club of Leigzig    Submitted by: Andreas Eichhorn – Email:  info@langes-leipzig.de

Klub der Grossen, Deutschland, Magdeburg
German Tall Club of Magdeburg    Submitted by: Mario Senger – Email:   ???????

Klub der Grossen, Deutschland, Oberlausitz
German Tall Club of the Oberlausitz region of Germany   Submitted by: Ronny Fuhrmann – Email:  oberlausitz@klub-der-grossen.de

Klub der Grossen, Deutschland, Potsdam
German Tall Club of Potsdam and Brandenburg   Submitted by: Joerg Hoba – Email:  potsdam@kdg-deutschland.de

Klub der Grossen, Deutschland, Rostock
German Tall Club of Rostock    Submitted by: Frank Hartung – Email:  rostock@kdg-deutschland.de

Klub Langen Mensen, Netherlands
Tall Club of the Netherlands    Submitted by: Paul Sprundel – Email:  voorzitter@klublangemensen.nl

Klub Langer Menschen (KLM) Schweiz
Tall Club of Switzerland    Submitted by: Christian Senft – Email:  info@klm-schweiz.ch

Klub Vysokich
Tall Club of the Czech Republic    Submitted by: Iva Cvandova – Email:  klubvysokych@post.cz

Longinus Club   
Tall Club of Austria  Submitted by: Franz & Sylvia Murczek – Email:  office@longinus.at

Miedzynarodowy Klub Wysokich
Tall Club of Poland    Submitted by: – Email:  ??????

Tall & Small Association
Tall and Short Club in Finland     Submitted by: Maiju Havinen – Email:  toimisto@tallsmall.inet.fi

Tall Club in Taiwan
Tall Club in Taiwan    Submitted by: chi-hsun hsu – Email:  chi_hsun@sinamail.com

Tall People Australia
The aim of  Tall People Australia is to provide society and support to the Australian tall community.  Submitted by: Fiona – Email:  tallpeople@mail.com

Tall Persons Club of Great Britain & Ireland
Providing information for and promoting the interests of Tall People; practical, medical, and social.  Submitted by: – Email:  info@tallclub.co.uk

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