Tall Club of Long Island

We are a social organization whose goals are to promote friendship and good fellowship among tall people, and ​sponsor activities of interest and benefit to all members.  The Tall Club of Long Island (TCLI) is a chapter of Tall Clubs International ®  (TCI).

Membership Requirements:                             
Minimum Age:          21 years old
Minimum Height:      Men 6′ 2″     
                                   Women 5′ 10″
                                   (in stocking feet) 


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For More Information     
Call/text:   718- 843-2623
E-mail:        TallClubOfLongIsland@gmail.com     
Postal:        Tall Club of Long Island
                    P.O. Box 1653
                    Valley Stream, NY   11582-1653​

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Sorry but there will not be a TCLI 1st Tuesday this month

Join NYC Tall Club at the Beer Authority – 300 W 40th St, (BET 8 + 9 Aves, New York – Enter and head upstairs for craft beers (over 60 on tap) served at a convenient location. (Across from Port Authority Bus Terminal.) Join us for conversation over a all beer.  (We can check out the rooftop, but it may not be open.)  Also, the 8th Avenue windows view is fun.  LOOK FOR US – I f sunny and warm enough – on the roof OR if raining – at the 2nd Floor bar (at top of stairs).  RSVP TO RSVP@TALLNY.org to make sure there are no changes to this event.

For those not familiar with Orchid, it is an old school elegant Chinese restaurant that was established in 1986.  The food is delish as per Laurie, Rich, Carol and Arlene. Orchid has been a popular staple in Garden City for over three decades. It is located at 730 Franklin Ave, Garden City 11530.  Hope you will join us for lunch.  To RSVP, please call/text Arlene 718-843-2623 so we know you will be joining us.

We welcome you to join the TCLI Executive Board at The Golden Reef Diner, 329 Sunrise Highway, Rockville Centre, NY 11570.   Diner phone 516-764-9273.  All members + guests are invited to give their input for what events TCLI will put on our social calendar.  Please remember — this is YOUR club + we want to have events that YOU enjoy.  The more members that are active, the better our clu0b becomes + the more members we will have.  CALL/TEXT  Arlene at 718-843-2623 to let us know you will be there.

Recent Events

July 22, 2023

We had a great turnout for this lunch. Diana, a prospect, came. Everyone in our group made her feel welcomed. The sun was strong. Alas, only a few tables were under an awning on the outdoor deck. All were taken. I sunburn easily.  What to do? Simple. We ate inside. The doors on the west side were opened to allow a cool breeze to come in. The north side has large windows that offer views of scenic Reynold’s Channel. We saw plenty of boaters on the water.

At the Point Lookout Clam Bar, one places his or her order at the counter and takes a seat. A few minutes later, a friendly server brings your food to the table. I enjoyed a cheeseburger deluxe and corn on the cob. The place has a full bar with beer on tap. Nice.

We chatted on a variety of topics, including the recent TCI Convention on an Alaska cruise.   August’s lunch will be at Salvatore’s of Elmont, which has outdoor tables under a big, white tent. Good. I’ll be doing a reconnaissance at Sonny’s Canal House as a possible venue for September’s lunch. Stay tuned.

A fun time was had by all.  Enjoy the slideshow below, which appears after the next blurb…….Brian

April 15, 2023

TCLI took up on Carol’s recommendation by having lunch at the New Wave seafood market and restaurant in Wantagh. Our group included Laurie, Arlene, Carol, Suri, Marge, Karen, Rich, and yours truly. Bruce joined us in time for dessert. Laurie had also expressed interest in going here, and I can see why. The seafood is fresh. As a landlubber, I managed to find items on the menu, namely, a winter green salad with candied walnuts and a NY strip steak. And one more item: beer. I was set.

In my opinion, the service counts as much as the quality of the food. Here New Wave really shines. Our server Martin was very outgoing and attentive. No fuss if something wasn’t cooked right and needed to be sent back. No problem if someone wanted extra slices of lemon. Martin handled all requests and concerns with great aplomb. He is one of the best servers I’ve encountered at TCLI lunches, and I really mean it.

In between bites and sips of beverages, we talked about. upcoming events. Of course, the TCI convention cruise to Alaska was one of the topics. Another was next month’s lunch at DJ’s International Buffet. TCLI is already thinking about the venue for July’s lunch. The leading contenders are Smuggler Jack’s, Sonny’s Canal House, and the Point Lookout Clam Bar. Stay tuned.

And the time came for us to leave. Rich and Laurie bought some seafood at the market to take home. Karen and I went to an Irish gift shop across the street. Karen got a bracelet. What did I get for myself? The answer appears in the slideshow below.

​Take care………Brian

On the Island

Bulletin Board

  • Click here for the TCLI Bylaws. ​ ​
  • Click here for the 2023 Nassau County Free Summer Fun Guide.
  • Click here for the 2023 Town Of Hempstead Free Neighborhood Concerts.
  • On behalf of the Church of Good Deeds, Eleanor Feingold and her son Leon are accepting donations of gently used shoes and clothing for the needy.  Donations are tax deductible and should be placed in black plastic bags.  Donors should contact Eleanor for additional information.​​ 

New York Times Article

THE ISLAND:   IN THIS CLUB, YOU HAVE TO MEASURE UP It may be a long island, but it’s a tall world — at least for the members of the Tall Club of Long Island. The club’s formal mission, according to its Web site, is ”to promote friendship and good fellowship among tall people.”  Members must measure up: 6 feet 2 inches for men and  5 feet 10 inches for women.  Applicants are carefully measured against a large ruler that club officials hang from a doorway or ceiling.  If a married couple wants to join, both have to measure up.  A too-short spouse can become an associate member.  Certain people who do not measure up but whose contributions to the community exemplify ”the goal and spirit” may become honorary members. Club members fight for tall causes, including opposing the shrinking of headroom in cars and legroom in airplanes.  The club raises money to fight Marfan syndrome, which affects tall people.

By Corey Kilgannon. Published on 2/25/2007.   
Copyright © 2007 by The New York Times Company
​Reprinted with permission.

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